When was the last time you heard of someone you know that needed a locksmith but decided to go to a shop and install a lock instead? Or, maybe they “jerry rigged” the lock themselves just to save a little money? It’s more common than you think.

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Even if you’ve met the previous owners and you know they aren’t the type to come back with a spare key and rob you–you have no clue who else could have a spare. Don’t assume they haven’t forgotten to tell you they gave one to the neighbor for emergencies. Someone like a kid, grandchild or other family member may have one or they may have lived there for a while. Point is–you never know where the key or the lock code if electronic has gone. Now, some combination lock pads can be changed with the master code but make sure a qualified locksmith changes the master code.

Key Loss

Imagine how the day would go if you locked your keys in the car or lost them while you were out. Many people every day have this happen to them. There are a million reasons why you could lose your keys out there. Everyone gets distracted. But a professional locksmith is your saving-grace when you are in this situation. They are always ready for your call.

high security locks

High Security Locks

High security locks are essential when you are in an area that is a bit better than most. That’s right. Thieves don’t rob bad neighborhoods, they go to neighboring good neighborhoods to do the job where they know they can quickly “bump” a lock and get in. What’s that? It only takes a special key that fits most dead bolt locks and an object like a broom handle to bump it open when the pins are manipulated. For experienced crooks–this is only moments to pull off.

Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are among the most vulnerable and a favorite entry-point for thieves. Just having the broom handle or stick in the sliding track is not enough now. They can break the glass and open the door by sticking their hand through the breach. So, having an interior lock that is not penetrable is a good idea from the start.